Last updated: February. 08. 2022.

Auxetic materials – materisals with negative Poisson ratioImre AttilaBSc/MSc
The applicability of different thermodynamic cycles (ORC, Kalina, flash) for the utilization of heat sources with temperatures of 60-90 °C for power production – The extensibility of the Lindal diagramImre AttilaMSc
Technologies and workinf fluids for cold energy recovery from LNGImre AttilaBSc/MSc
Stone-bed thermal storage pools for seasonal and daily heating of industrial sites and small settlementsImre AttilaBSc/MSc
Heat storage with phase-change materials to provide the cooling/heating needs of industrial sitesImre AttilaBSc/MSc
Stored heat as an alternative fluil for special vehiclesImre AttilaBSc/MSc
The applicability of compost heaters from small to big scales.Imre AttilaBSc/MSc
High capacity seasonal energy storage – potential solutionsImre AttilaBSc/MSc
Optimization of surrogate fuel composition for numerical heat and mass transfer analysisDávid Csemány
Experimental investigation on material properties of renewable liquid fuelsDávid Csemány
Experimental investigation of the volatility characteristics of multicomponent liquid fuelsDávid Csemány
Evaluation of material property estimating methods for liquid fuelsDávid Csemány
Numerical modelling of single droplet evaporationDávid Csemány
Development of Cycle Tempo thermodynamic performance monitoring software in Fortran/Matlab environmentGroniewsky AxelProject/BSc Development
Development of a working fluid selection mechanism based on artificial neural network (ANN) for a given organic rankine cycle (ORC)Groniewsky AxelTervezés/BSc/MSc/PhD Kutatás
Development of a Machine Learning (ML) based (Random forest, k-mean clastering) working fluid selection mechanism for existing Organic Rankine CycleGroniewsky AxelTervezés/BSc/MSc/PhD Research
Prediction of power plant behaviour using neural networksGroniewsky AxelTervezés/BSc/MSc/PhD Kutatás
Estimation of the physical properties of pure substances using Group-Contribution method.Groniewsky AxelTervezés/BSc/MSc/PhD Research
Sensitivity analysis of the parameters of the PC-Saft equation of state in the light of the behaviour of Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC)Groniewsky AxelTervezés/BSc/MSc/PhD Research
Design of energy systems in Cycle Tempo thermodynamic performance monitoring software environment (level: Major Projects or BSc or MSc, type: industrial problem)Groniewsky AxelBSc/MSc Industrial project
Design of energy systems in Gate Cycle thermodynamic performance monitoring software environment (level: Major Projects or BSc or MSc, type: industrial problem)Groniewsky AxelBSc/MSc Industrial project
Analysis of Hungary’s power plant portfolio, taking into account the “National Energy Strategy 2030”.Korényi ZoltánMSc
Analysis of system-level difficulties and solutions for weather-dependent power plants (solar and wind).Korényi ZoltánMSc
Technical, economic and ecological evaluation of energy related hydrogen technologies.Korényi ZoltánMSc
Complex (technical, economic, ecological, human) life cycle analysis (LCA) of power plant types.Korényi ZoltánMSc
Feasibility study of combined cycle power plants.Korényi ZoltánMSc
Investigation of the Jeffreys heat conduction modelKovács RóbertBSc, MSc, Individual project
Investigation of the two-temperature heat conduction modelKovács RóbertBSc, MSc, Individual project
Investigating the thermal behavior of 3D printed bodiesKovács RóbertMSc, Individual project
Numerical analysis of biological heat conduction modelsKovács RóbertBSc, MSc, Individual project
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of rarefied gasesKovács RóbertMSc, Individual project
Finding analytical solutions of heat conduction modelsKovács RóbertMSc, Individual project
 Comparison of fuel spray at ambient temperature and inside a burnerJózsa Viktor
Identification of atomization mechanisms by fractal analysisJózsa Viktor
Analysis of rotary atomizer sprayJózsa Viktor
Determination of minimal sample size in atomizationJózsa Viktor
Evaluation of Schlieren images of various flame shapesJózsa Viktor
Numerical exploitation of the Kirchhoff transformationMátyás SzücsBSc/MSc thesis
Numerical investigation of fins in three spatial dimensionsMátyás Szücsindividual project/BSc thesis
Investigation and comparison of numerical methods on the example of an undamped vibratory systemMátyás Szücsindividual project/BSc thesis
Heat conduction in the supercritical regionMátyás SzücsBSc/MSc thesis
Numerical investigation of a thermodynamically compatible visco-elasto-plastic model of solidsMátyás Szücs individual project
Investigation and comparison of thermodynamical state equationsMátyás Szücsindividual project/BSc thesis
Heat conductions beyond Fourier: ballistic heat conduction and elastic materialsVán Péter
Thermodynamics of weakly nonlocal materials.Ván Péter
Propagation of damped waves: thermodynamic conditionsVán Péter
Objective time derivatives in thermodynamicsVán Péter
Galilean relativistic dissipationVán Péter
Models of ordinary thermodynamics. Entropy and exergy in the light of ordinary differential equations.Ván Péter
Life-cycle assessment of household level power generation systemsArtúr Szilágyi
Life-cycle assessment of geothermal energy systemsArtúr Szilágyi
Life-cycle assessment of nuclear powerArtúr Szilágyi
Life-cycle assessment of municipal solid waste treatment technologiesArtúr Szilágyi
Analysis of municipal sustainable energy and climate action plansArtúr Szilágyi
Ecodesign case study based on life-cycle assessmentArtúr Szilágyi
Heat transfer and fluid flow calculations of power station scale water tube boilers and evaluation of operation conditions.Lezsovits Ferenc
Heat transfer and fluid flow calculations of industrial shell boilers and evaluation of operation conditionsLezsovits Ferenc
Heat transfer and fluid flow calculations of a district heat centre hot water boiler and evaluation of operation conditionsLezsovits Ferenc
Heat transfer and fluid flow calculations of thermal oil heaters and evaluation of operation conditionsLezsovits Ferenc
Heat transfer and fluid flow calculations of heat recovery steam generators and evaluation of operation conditionsLezsovits Ferenc
Feasibility study of renewable based energy supply of agricultural farmsLezsovits Ferenc
Comparison of cofiring with anaerobic digestion of sewage sludgeLezsovits Ferenc
Investigation of poisonousness reduction possibilities of municipal solid waste MSWLezsovits Ferenc
Investigation of energetic utilization of different agricultural biomass watesLezsovits Ferenc
Investigation of energetical utilization of used mushroom compostLezsovits Ferenc
Hydrogen technology in waterborne transportBereczky Ákos
Baobab oil analysis Bereczky Ákos
Make-up water treatment by environmental benign methodsCséfalvay EditProject work, BSc thesis, MSc Thesis
Application of membrane filtration in make-up water treatmentCséfalvay EditProject work, BSc thesis, MSc Thesis
Design of environmental benign desalination technologyCséfalvay EditBSc thesis, MSc Thesis
Re-installation of laboratory test equipmentCséfalvay EditProject work
Biomass-based lighter fluids: effect of air flow-rate on flame stability and emissionCséfalvay EditBSc thesis
Effect of moisture content of charcoal on emissionCséfalvay EditProject work
Evaluation of environmental sustainability of lighter fluidsCséfalvay EditBSc thesis
Modeling and optimization of hybrid renewable energy systemsMayer Martin
Development of photovoltaic power forecasting methodsMayer Martin
Energy forecasting with machine learning methodsMayer Martin
Applications of energy storage systems for weather-dependent renewable energy productionMayer Martin
Analysis of the optimal energy mix of the futureMayer Martin
Reducing the ecological footprint of renewable, nuclear, and traditional power plants via Life Extending Control.Szentannai Pál
Setting up a simple dynamical model of a nuclear power plant under Matlab-Simulink for considering also the effect of the control strategy on material ageingSzentannai Pál
Extending the target function of the load control system of pressurized water nuclear power plants towards issues formerly not consideredSzentannai Pál
Exergetic control systems in the energy industrySzentannai Pál
Evaluation of the behavior of SRF and biomass fuel particles in fluidized beds by means of numerical image processing tools of the Matlab environmentSzentannai Pál
Utilization of SRF and RDF by means of fluidized bed conversionSzentannai Pál
Dissipation in viscoelastic solid media – the effect of wave propagationFülöp TamásBSc; MSc
Analytical formulae for the flash experiment in heat conductionFülöp TamásBSc; MSc
Substituting a pulse boundary condition by a pulse initial condition in beyond-Fourier heat conductionFülöp TamásBSc; MSc, individual project
Optimization of a finite difference scheme in the example of heat conduction in a diskFülöp TamásBSc, individual project
The Talbot effect in elastic wave propagationFülöp TamásBSc, MSc
Analytical and numerical investigation of viscoelastic signal propagationFülöp TamásBSc; MSc